Saturday, October 16, 2010

Raise Your Vibration Now!

It's one thing to think about improving yourself and another to actually do it. It has occurred to me that I have given the thought behind many law of attraction techniques and strategies but not many practical applications. Consequently, it is my intention to let you in on some of my personal strategies in the hope they will benefit your life!

Strategy #1: Tap into the energies around you or those you have already experienced! The most concrete example I can come up with comes in the rescue of the Chilean mine workers just a few days ago. I found it very hard to pull myself away from the coverage to do more mundane things (like cook). I have heard a number of comments from friends and family that it was the same for them. Why? The answer lies in the worldwide caring and support for those trapped men. The energy from their rescue was so high and so strong it was impossible for those seeking that energy to turn away from! The bottom line is, when you find yourself in such a strong energy vibe, you need to allow yourself to go with it. Allow the experience to feed and energize you! You can do the same with any good experience or memory. Bring into mind all those times you felt love, joy, peace, forgiveness. Let yourself live in those memories! You will soon find yourself in a better place.

Strategy #2: Get creative and participate in those activities that bring your joy and satisfaction! This can be anything--singing, skydiving, problem-solving or even sex! (Yes! I said sex!) The point is, when you do something that makes you happy it raises your vibration. It also has the added bonus of putting you in your body, where you are your most powerful.

Strategy #3: Meditate, taking time to get into your heart space. Relax, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Focus a few moments on your breathing--breathing in the positive and expelling the negative. When you are very relaxed, focus your mind on that space just behind and a little below your heart--the dwelling place of your spirit. Sense your spirit. Recognize it for the light it is. Allow your mind to just relax and not think about anything in particular. Rest in this space. Get to know it. It is your connection to Source energy. It has the power to heal you and change your life. Spend about 10 minutes a day doing this. You will be amazed by how great you feel!

The bottom line is, your energy level is your responsibility! No one else has the power to change it. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do because if you aren't feeling good you do not have the strength the accomplish your mission in life. Become the solution to the world's problems. Raise your vibration now!

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