Sunday, November 11, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day One Meditation

As music has the power to quickly transform my reality, I spent some time listening to a very powerful rendition of the Lord's Prayer, sung in Aramaic (which is the language Jesus actually spoke when he lived on the earth):
In my mind's eye, I see a picture of a little boy, perhaps seven or eight, running through dusty streets in an ancient city, following everywhere the teacher Jesus went. The boy wants nothing more than to stay physically close to the master, sensing and absorbing the presence and energy of this powerful leader. The boy doesn't really understand everything the teacher is saying. He just feels the energy of the healer--unlimited power, unhindered and free flowing, great love, and joy, and peace, able to absorb all those energies we think of as negative and transform them in Oneness. It is a very wonderful place to be, and the boy takes full advantage of it, learning what he can and trying to hold on to that connection. Children often do what adults cannot--understand and enjoy the energies of those they come into contact with. Adults are much more guarded and reserved. Become as a little child, and allow yourself to open up to all those experiences life has to offer you for your growth.

Today's Prayer For Light:
Source of all creation,
Keep my heart open, that I may allow all those people, and experiences, and things in my life guide me to the path of highest potential. Help me remember to not be afraid, for I know that everything is designed to benefit me in my quest for understanding. Thank you for all these opportunities for light and truth. I open myself as a little child, so this light continues to flow to me and back out again in one continuous cycle of growth. 

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