Thursday, October 14, 2010

Universal Connection

As I write this, I am still riding high on the wave of emotion surrounding the rescue of the Chilean miners from the depths of the earth. The anticipation--the expectation--were palpable as each individual miner was brought up. My body was inundated by thankfulness each time a person came to the surface to be united with their loved ones. As I thought about the extraordinary cooperation it took to bring those men back to the surface, I realized just how connected we truly are. Only the Divine can change hearts enough to let the results come off without a hitch. Some of the miners were even able to articulate it as they talked about the presence of God during the crisis.

Maybe I'm an eternal optimist, but I really believe this feeling is meant to be a constant as opposed to a fleeting moment. Many religions teach such a concept. In eastern traditions, it is called nirvana. Christianity calls it the kingdom of God on earth. Whatever semantics you use, it can happen. The incident in Chile gives us a glimpse of the possibilities!

It's really a bit of a circle. When people love and are concerned about their fellow man, they will do everything in their power to help. When people help and that help is responded to, love flows to their fellow man and back again. That is the power of love. That is the universal connection that flows in and through all things. That is our Divine connection.  Love is the path--the path to perfection. May we be blessed as we strive to stay on the path and increase that connection.

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