Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where God Meets Science

There are many scientists in the world who are atheist because they only believe what can be proven in this physical universe through scientific observation. On the other hand, there are many religious followers who believe that faith--believing in what cannot be proven--is fundamental to being a devoted follower. Opposing sides in the spectrum of humanity. I would offer up the idea that both sides are extreme (and in that respect both flawed). There is a place where God meets science, and it becomes most obvious in the scientific concept of the zero-point field.

What is the zero-point field? To explain in over-simplified, layman's terms, the zero-point field is the place where no quantifiable (physical) matter exists. Scientists have created such spaces in laboratory settings using special vacuums, which literally suck out the physical matter within the space. What is important about the zero-point field? It has been found that, even when no physical matter exists within a space, this "empty" space still produces energy. Something from nothing! The power of creation contained within the nonphysical!

Science's problem is the result of not properly defining what energy actually is. They have begun to, but the reality is that science has only scratched the surface of these concepts.

Religion's problem is it gave up too quickly. Religion looked at science's physical "evidence" and said, "You just can't prove what we believe to be true with these concepts so we are just going to stop trying. We'll just explain all the mysteries by saying they are not meant to be known." They continue to be mysteries, poorly explained by those who would have others believe they have the answers.

The truth is out there! There is a cosmic force field, as yet undefined, that flows in and through all things. Science is proving it. Religions tout it. It is called many things by many people: the zero-point field, the Holy Spirit, Allah. It binds all things and draws them together. It is in this place where God meets science. It is in this place where all things become One.

*For a more detailed look at the zero-point field in layman's terms, there are several wonderful books by author Lynne McTaggart on the subject!


  1. I just got The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart, looking forward to starting it.

  2. She's a great writer who makes the scientific understandable!