Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are You Listening?

There is so much noise in the world today. Besides the obvious auditory stuff we hear, it is easy to become distracted by the information that bombards us on a daily basis. We go to work or school, run our errands, watch tv, use the internet, etc. Each activity we participate in, every person we interact with adds yet another layer to the already endless stream of thoughts. The cacophony produced by this noise often produces overwhelming stress, and if left unchecked will develop into problems or even disease. Is there a cure for the chaos? The answer is as simple as answering this question: What are you listening to?

The only way I know to silence this confusion is to purposefully get away from it. I go to a quiet place, usually by myself, and I sit in a physical silence. Often, the first thing that happens is my mind will be bombarded by the random thoughts produced by all information that has been absorbed into my head during my lifetime. I still these thoughts by focusing on my breathing or on the rhythm of my heart. Then I just sit until the noise of the world melts away. If you are new to this experience, it may take a long time to find silence. That's okay. The more time you devote to the practice, the easier it gets. The important thing is for you to find the silence, and sometimes this requires a great deal of patience.

How will you recognize the silence? It is the place words stop. You feel relaxed and at peace. Nothing is demanded of you. There is no agenda. You may feel yourself swimming or floating in a soothing darkness or a bright light. You may feel at One with the Universe. The experience will vary depending on the person. There is no right or wrong way. Simply wait for your experience to occur, and allow it to flow freely.     

Why is this important? Besides the obvious stress-negating health benefits, silence is the place of Connection. When you make it to the place of silence, you have learned to not only turn off the world's voice but you have also learned to let go of the world's agenda for you. It is here you find answers. It is here you find truth. It is in this place of silence you can hear the voice of God. Are you listening?

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