Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Honoring the Journey

I haven't always honored my journey. I grew up as a Christian in America. Consequently, I was taught to think poorly of myself when I "sinned" and made mistakes. I also learned society's lessons that my worth was based on the money I earned and the prestige my job brought. Considering I am exceptionally good at making mistakes and I've chosen to devote myself to motherhood while my children are growing up, my life by those standards is definitely below par. Still, I can't say I am unhappy with my life. I have learned to honor where I have been, where I am and where I am going.

The key to this state of mind has not come without struggle. I consider myself a fairly intelligent, talented person, but my outward life does not reflect my abilities. I spent years in a state of depression obsessing over what my life was not. What brought me out of it was understanding what my journey was truly all about.

As I looked about at my past experiences, I realized something profound. My greatest growth has always taken place during my greatest struggles. Every time I chose to see the pain in my life and try to cope with it, I learned something. I may have had to try several times to get it right, but in the process I became someone better--stronger, more compassionate, more loving. Those times where I was happy felt great, but I didn't learn a lot from them. I have learned to value mistakes and troubles for the growth they produce in me!

Life is not about the destination. It is about the journey. You struggle, make mistakes, learn from them, then go on to new struggles and new lessons. Life truly is about growth. I accept my talent for making mistakes. I accept my higher self is working toward perfection. I acknowledge this human journey, and I choose to honor it.

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