Friday, May 4, 2012

Freedom Comes

I'm American, and I've been sold a bill of goods that has imprisoned me my entire life. (Somewhere in the back of my mind, my sense of humor comes to the forefront as I write that statement--sounds a little like an introductory statement from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.) The prison has been money, although maybe not the form you think. (At this point, you may have concluded, "OMG! She really is a money hungry, conservative freak!", but be careful of conclusions!) The monetary prison, more specifically, is debt.

In terms of normal American debt, the money my husband and I owe is probably below normal. Our vehicles have been paid off. We still owe a couple of years worth of mortgage on the mobile home I bought when I was still a single mom. We have a few credit cards we are paying on. That's pretty much it. Still, I am a slave to debt. Why? Because the whole system our economy is based on focuses on "owing" others and working hard in order to pay back the wealthy (bankers) for using their money.

In America (even in the world), we are taught the idea that we as individuals have no intrinsic value. It comes from religion (example: "We are just poor sinners who need a redeemer"). It comes from politics (example: "We have to pass more laws because people are just not smart enough to make wise choices on their own" or "You are not entitled to anything--you have to work hard for what you get!"). Even society sends us messages like, "You are bad if you think of yourself first!" (The implied message, again, is you are worthless and selfish.) Upon your birth, you are viewed as owning and having nothing. You can do nothing for others. Consequently you have no value to society.

The irony of all this is that it is not true (and our hearts tell us this even when our "rational" minds forbid it)! The reality is, not only do we have spiritual value but we have physical value as well! What in the world am I talking about, you ask? Mother Earth is full of resources, and each of us has a birthright to claim from her! (No! I am not talking about socialism although that point has been used in order to keep us all blinded to the truth!) After all, early man created shelter, food, and clothing from the natural gifts from Mother! We still do. It's just that some people have made an unnatural claim to more than their fair share of resources.

There is a secret economy in America (even in the world) originated by bankers and instituted by the corporate American government. When our births are registered here in American (through the birth certificate process), the information is sent to the Department of Commerce (this should be a red flag!) who forwards the information to something called the Depository Trust Company. This company issues 10 bonds in the name of each live birth and associated to his/her social security number. Each bond is valued at approximately $3.5 billion. (Yes, that's right. Billion!) Currency is then created by the Federal Reserve Bank based on these bonds. The bonds are held by the various branches of the Fed. Of course, we never see the money. We weren't meant to, but it isn't all bad. This is what helps our government build roads and schools and infrastructure. (If you want to listen to how it all works by an expert in Maritime law, which is what our system is based on, click here. For links to the entire interview, click here. Highly recommended, btw! Totally mind-blowing and enlightening interview between David Wilcock and Winston Strout!)

The system goes bad when people secretly use this money for their own private gain. This is where the liens placed on the Federal Reserve Bank branches (MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks) as well as other liens filed against the G7 Central Banks (ARREST WARRANTS: Liens Filed Against G7 Central Banks) come into play! These events are very real (see extensive documentation by David Wilcock in his Divine Cosmos lien articles posted in this paragraph), and they will shortly come to the forefront as authorities begin to arrest those who illegally used these funds for personal gain.

If we look to the people of Iceland, who are already several years into the process of correcting a similar fraud that was perpetuated against them, we can see a light at the end of this dark tunnel. In 2008, they recognized the austerity measures their politicians (all bought and paid for by the banking establishment) had involved them in were a ruse to pay the banks for their failed debt. Icelanders refused to pay bailout money to the banks because they recognized the debt truly belonged to the banks and not them personally. When the banks (and their representative governments) came back and said, "We're going to place economic sanctions on you!" Icelanders handled the threat by saying, "Bring it on!" They forced the crooked politicians out, hunkered down, began to rely on the internal resources of their country, and made a huge comeback. At present, those personal mortgages that have been found to be fraudulent are being forgiven! The people of Iceland are my heroes!!!

It isn't your imagination that, here in America, we have to work harder and harder for less. The system that was supposed to enable us to have more productive lives has been overtaken by those who believe they need to own everything, including us! Yes, we are all slaves to debt and darkness, but the sun is about to rise on this long winter's night. Nothing will escape it's light as it dissolves the chains that bind us. Rejoice and be glad, for freedom comes!


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    Your old buddy Hanuman Dass here!

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  2. Right on, my sister!! What a great job you have done here with this blog. I enjoyed it very much.

    Keep focusing on the positive, my friend. It won't be long now.

  3. Thanks, Hanuman Dass!!! You know, I have been thinking about you a lot lately as well!!! Will try to email you soon! Am on FB much more than Twitter lately.

    Thanks, Holly!!! So glad to have connected with you, my soul sister!!! So happy to share this journey!