Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Economy NEEDS To Collapse

I heard a message that really intrigued me last night. There is a message being put out by a guy named Lindsey Williams which talked about the real indication that the economy was about to collapse would be problems with the derivatives market. Williams is a longtime pastor who had some dealings in the past with supposed members of the Illuminati (the ultimate insiders) who he befriended and still gets information from. I have heard Williams speak before, and much of his information seems to pan out. Why his current message intrigued (and impressed) me was because it really seems to sync with some of the other "insider" information I follow--and I'm pretty sure Williams is not connected in any way to these others!

The sign that the derivatives market is going down happened just over a week ago when JP Morgan announced they had lost $2 Billion in investments in the derivatives market. My very simplified understanding of the derivatives market is that derivatives are a high stakes bet--truly a high class ponzi scheme where the last person left holding the bag loses. Obviously, JP Morgan was left holding this particular bag.

What does this mean? It means the power elite have no more money to funnel into their special projects. It means their whole system is on the verge of bankruptcy! Notice I said their whole system. We the People do not own it or operate it. Who does? The Federal Reserve Bank along with the other central world banks.

In this time of financial meltdown and great change, it is important to remember that we do not need to fear the change! The powers that be (who literally own the media) want us to be afraid. We are hearing messages like, "You need to put all your money into real estate or gold or silver, etc." because money is not going to be worth the paper it is printed on. The fear is a last ditch effort to convince people that whatever happens we need to trust them to fix everything. This has been our problem all along! The only people the power elite fix anything for is themselves! They want to take all our assets (this is what the mortgage crisis has been all about), leaving us to work as slaves. The reality is, our financial system needs to collapse! The only people it works for are the 1%! It was designed that way!

I believe there is a new financial system waiting in the wings to take its place once the economy that we have always known does collapse. This is a good thing! Don't listen to the fearmongers who tell you we are in for a depression the likes of which we have never known. They do not want us to go to a new system because this will not only take away their money. It will take away their power!

When our Federal Reserve Notes (what we know as dollars) are no longer worth anything, the power elite will have nothing to pay their private armies with. Yes, they do have private armies. We know them from the news as organizations like Blackwater, more recently known by the names Xe and Academi. (Google some of these names and see what comes up!) When the elite have no more money to pay their goons, we can be sure that our brothers and sisters, our fathers and mothers, our sons and daughters in our military are not going to harm us! Speaking as a person with many military ties in my own family, most members of our military take their oaths of office very seriously! They have all sworn to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic! They are family, and they will protect us!

The economy NEEDS to collapse. This is the only way We the People will truly become free from the system that has brought us nothing but financial tyranny and slavery! Remember that a new financial system is already in place to pick up the slack! Prepare for the transition by having a week or two supply of food (a month is better) and keep your vehicles fueled up at all times! Be willing to help your less informed neighbors! We need to work together if we are going to make it through this transition with ease and grace!

The only way we can have a new world is if the old one goes away! Know that our hearts can lead us to a better place!

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