Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Message For May 22, 2012

As I ponder the question of what needs to be shared on this day of 2012, one word keeps coming to mind: fear. There is so much information out there--so much muck to wade through. Most of it seems scary. Indications that the economies of the world are about to collapse (ie JP Morgan losing $2 Billion in the derivatives market and runs on banks in Europe). Stories about marshal law being instituted in America and all of us being rounded up and placed in FEMA camps.

What I want to say about the fear is this. Fear is misguided. 2012 is NOT about the bad guys overpowering us and taking away every last trace of freedom we have! 2012 IS about people finally waking up to the truth of their enslavement! The reality of the matter is, we have been enslaved for years because we have chosen to give our power away to those who would use it for their own personal gain!

Do not fear the change! The powers that be are doing their best to convince you the power is still theirs, although at this point they can see their power quickly slipping away. The only real power they have at this point is to convince us that they still have the power to physically enslave us. This is where to fear comes in! FEAR IS NOT REAL!!! It is the illusion they are trying to use to regain control!

We can overcome the fear, and the methods to do it are simple!!! Look around at those you interact with--your family, your neighbors, your coworkers. You have a lot in common with these people! Find the commonalities! Work together! Go within to your own heart and you will know that it is love that overcomes all fear! It is love and relationship we must all focus on at this time!

Understand there are many more people in the world who truly love than people in the world who are working to destroy us all. Connect with them--with the love, and all things that need to be accomplished to bring about our true freedom will happen!

Namaste, my friend!!!

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