Monday, May 7, 2012

Love and Courage, Not Fear

Change is coming--BIG change! I am convinced that life as we know it will cease to exist in the near future. However, I don't see it as an ending--merely a new beginning. It will be scary and probably a bit painful as we transition to a different way of life. The thing is, in order to come through this transition with as little pain as possible, it is important to walk through it all with love and courage instead of fear!

We have lived lives of fear for thousands of years. We are afraid of going to hell for sins we commit. We are afraid of going to prison for breaking the rules. We are afraid we will die from some horrible disease if we don't take care of ourselves in ways the medical establishment prescribes. We are afraid we will not find jobs if we don't first graduate from high school and then college. It is fear that imprisons us and keeps us in line. The question is, is this fear misguided? My answer is a resounding, "Yes!"

My life has been a prime example of fear-based living. Ask anyone who really knows me--I have spent my life playing by the rules. I grew up a goody-two-shoes, always doing what was "right". I went to church every Sunday, attended church youth camps and was generally a leader there. I got good grades in school, managed to graduate from college cum laude, and went on to respectable work with children, both in the psychology and education fields. It was always important to me to do what was "right" because I feared the consequences of getting it wrong!

As I've gotten older I've begun to question where this sense of righteousness (aka the rules), came from. Certainly I learned much of it from my parents, who learned it from their parents, etc. Society is another big teacher of the norms. Still, who is it that determines what the rules are? Are the rules designed to keep us from harming each other, or are they put in place to enslave us?

What are the differences between the rules and the truth? Rules are instituted by people and can be (and often are) changed. They are based on the concept of duality, or the idea there is always a right and a wrong. Truth is simply what IS, and it is based in Oneness--the place where everything exists in nonjudgment.

The key to living truth is to begin living from the heart! It is the mind that imprisons because it is the mind that needs guidelines, or rules, to follow. Everything we learn in this life gets incorporated into the mind. It is the mind that reminds us what society will do to us if we disobey. The mind does not have the capability of thinking for itself. It tells us what to do in an effort to keep us from harm. This in no way means it acts from truth (although I will admit that rules and truth occasionally coincide!).

The heart, on the other hand, does act from truth. We have all had the experience where we just "know" something is accurate or true, even if we don't understand how we got the information. When we follow this inner knowing, things usually work out well (even when they don't initially feel great). We end up in big trouble when we reason through our decision (act from the mind) and forget to listen to the heart's encouragement. It is the heart that connects to something outside of this world (the Oneness) and helps us live from truth.

The people who currently run our planet are counting on maintaining their control through fear. Their power has come from the fact that we have been taught to live from the mind, not questioning anything they do because this is the way it has always been. When we fear the consequences of stepping outside of the box, we are slaves to the system.

Living from the heart is living from love and courage. It connects us to every living thing through connecting us to the Oneness. When you are connected to all things, there is no need for rules because you innately understand that intentionally harming anything ultimately results in harming yourself. The heart encourages you to take actions that will benefit all.

Change is never easy. It requires acting in new ways. There will inevitably be mistakes. Still, if we can focus on connecting to the Oneness, we can overcome this fear-based life and emerge into the love and courage of freedom.

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