Friday, March 18, 2011

The Angel Experiment

I have been "prompted" to pay attention to and follow the advice of my guides recently, and it has been quite an amazing ride. After listening to Jennifer McLean's interview with intuitive Sonia Choquette on Healing With the Masters ( about connecting to your guides, I decided to make it into a little game I'm calling the Angel Experiment.

Bascially, the point of the Angel Experiment is to pay attention to those intuitive "nudges" I receive from those beings created by God to assist me on my earthly journey. I am intentionally believing they exist (regardless of what the world and my "rational" mind tell me) and am focusing on the fact they are here to help me. I am also consciously asking for their help and thanking them when that help shows up.

Yesterday, I began my day asking for guidance in everything I did--including the writing of my blog. Several good ideas came to mind, but none of them really became clear enough to write about. Out of the blue, I remembered the story of Pink Baby (check out yesterday's blogpost) and realized it was the perfect story to share. I thanked my guides and went on, quickly writing the blogpost.

I continued the process, asking my angels what I should do next. I needed to get some items at the grocery store, so I said, "If I am forgetting something important, please remind me when I'm at the store so I don't get home without it." I went to the store and began working down my list. I noticed cereal on the list, so I began to go down what I thought was the cereal aisle. About midway through, I realized I was in the baking aisle (which I had decided to avoid). I continued on down and stopped at the end of that aisle, trying to remember where I needed to go next. As I stood there, I looked up and the vanilla on the shelf "popped out" at me. I realized I had been wanting to make cookies for my kids recently but couldn't make them because I didn't have vanilla. I had forgotten it for several weeks. I thanked my guides for reminding me then went on to get the cereal.

As I was driving home, I thought to myself, "I need to make some more money" (probably prompted by the fact I had just spent a bunch of it at the store). I got home and unloaded my groceries. Within about ten minutes, I got a call from a phone number I didn't recognize. I don't like to pick those up fearing it's a telemarketer, but I noticed it said wireless caller so I did. It was one of my coworkers, asking if I would take her hours at work tomorrow! That didn't take long at all! I asked for more money, and there it was. I thanked my angels. Then I realized I should have been a little more specific when I asked for my money and told them I wanted to make money from my writing and not so much my part time job working in the department store. Still, I had asked, my angels came through, and I was grateful.

I took a walk with my husband a short time later in a wonderful wetlands area near our home. As I walked, I realized something extremely important. For years when I fantasized about my ideal life, several key components came to mind. I wanted to have plenty of time of pray, meditate and study--time to fill myself up instead of being constantly on the go. I wanted to be free to write when I chose, sleep when I chose, exercise when I chose, take a walk when I chose, etc. I wanted all this and to somehow have money to live on. Seemed like a pipe dream at the time, but as I walked with my husband I realized that I was indeed living this dream!

As I related all these things to my husband during our walk, I remembered another key point. My paternal grandmother was someone who saw the hand of God in everything that happened. Her whole life centered around the idea that God and his angels were always helping, in big ways or small. I knew this as a child, but as I grew up the "wisdom" of the world overcame this knowledge and I forgot. As a result, I lost much of the light and power I had when I was younger and this lack brought on years of depression as I was no longer in flow. It is my birthright to live in light and flow. It is my birthright to live with joy and passion!

Living in flow is everyone's birthright. It isn't just for those special beings of light. We are all called to lives of light and purpose. Knowing the Universe has your back can help. I encourage you to begin your own Angel Experiment if you are not already aware of your heavenly helpers. You will be amazed at how the world opens up and showers you with blessings!

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  1. A welcome reminder. Lovely. I asked for some hearts from the angels & spirit as I walked along the path in Troon opp the sea. Within minutes I had seen at least 8 & took photos & acquire another heart shaped pebble too!
    Suz xo