Thursday, March 17, 2011

Divine Help

I just got done listening to a recording of my favorite online teleseminar series, Healing With the Masters led by Jennifer McLean ( This particular interview was with Sonia Choquette, who is a gifted intuitive and an extremely funny and down-to-earth person. The topic of the interview was learning to listen to your guides (angels, voice of God, higher self, etc.), and it really helped me focus once again on actively seeking that Divine help for insight into everything I do--even the little things that often seem of no consequence.

As I listened to the interview, I would stop frequently to take notes but also to hone in to what my intuition was telling me to do in the present moment. I have been attempting to listen to my guidance in regards to this blog anyway because it seems to be working for me! (That is why I ended up doing the series on my cult experiences--I felt the whispers of God pulling me there.) Sonia talked a lot about angel intervention and how the angels are always there waiting to help you, wanting to help you. It took me back to a time in my own life where the angels were there for me and my daughter in a most surprising (and amusing) way.

My daughter, Afton, had been given a pink rag doll by her paternal grandmother shortly after her birth. She loved it from the very beginning and had to take it everywhere. For many years it was her security blanket. We all referred to it as "Pink Baby".

When Afton was around four or five, we drove from Georgia to Michigan to attend a family camp sponsored by my church. We had a wonderful, uplifting week after which we drove home. Somewhere around southern Ohio, we discovered Pink Baby was missing, and my daughter got quite upset. We were caravanning with friends and had elected to stay overnight at a hotel because we felt too tired to drive all the way back to Georgia. Once we settled in, I went back to the car and tore it up three different times, looking for Pink Baby. I searched it all--front seat, back seat, under seats, the trunk, etc. Pink Baby was nowhere to be found.

During my week at camp, I had felt the presence of heavenly beings and knew they were nearby. It may have seemed like a small thing, but Pink Baby was very important to my daughter. I said a prayer that, somehow, Pink Baby would be returned to us. Then I settled in for a very tearful night.

The next morning I got the kids and myself ready, packed up and headed out to begin putting our things back in the car. As I unlocked the car (which had been locked up all night), I happened to look in the back seat. There, lying right on top, was Pink Baby. Relief flooded my being as I realized her return could only have been due to my heavenly helpers. I said an extremely grateful prayer of thanks and finished packing everything up.

In the rush of our lives, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that our unseen helpers are there in the background keeping a watchful eye on us. The thing is, they were designed to help us by guiding us and making our paths a little smoother and easier. It is only when we take the time to look for and acknowledge our Divine help that it shows up in very powerful ways. Take the time to pay attention today! You may be surprised by the ease and grace with which your life begins to flow.

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