Monday, March 28, 2011

Are You In "Download" Mode?

My blog has been strangely silent this week. I haven't felt particularly compelled to write about anything in particular, which is really odd for me. I have also felt myself sleeping more than usual. Under different circumstances, I might suppose I am depressed again, but I have been waking up in the mornings exceptioinally happy and eager for the day to get started. After talking to a few friends and reading a favorite blogger who seems to be experiencing a similar bout of writer's block, I am convinced there is more here than meets the eye. I believe many of us are in what I am calling "download" mode.

In my meditation times when I focus on connecting to God, I have noticed my senses being totally consumed by feelings of strength, wholeness, and well-being. Ideas seem to flow into my consciousness so quickly I barely have time to acknowledge them before new ones take their place. They don't seem to stay in my consciousness for any length of time, although I know they are still there, somewhere in my psyche.

I also seem to be doing a lot more sleeping lately, and I am remembering more and more of my dreams. I am of the belief that dreams are an important part of life. My theory is that sleeping and dreams are God's built in system for communicating with people--a connection everyone has to Source. This is why people who are sleep deprived (and don't dream) go insane. They have lost their innate connection to God.

When I look at what is occuring in my own life,coupled with similarities in the lives of many of my friends, I come to one simple conclusion. We are being given extra information from the world of spirit in order to cope with the changes taking place in the world today. The inactivity is not time wasted. It is time spent learning. We are preparing for the big test!

If you are also in "download" mode, don't fight it! Go with it! Know that you are being given all that you need to play your part in the life that is to come! Recognize it and appreciate it for what it is: the gift of insight.

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