Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Illusion of Truth

It starts as a seed.
Sometimes we take the time
To water it,
Nourish it,
Expose it to sunlight,
Help it grow.

Often we neglect it,
Keep it in the dark,
Starved for food and water,
And still,
We expect it to grow.

At other times,
Even when it is properly nourished,
We put it in a fancy pot,
Tie on some ribbons
And bows
And bangles
Until the plant is all but hidden
By the ornamentation
And we can no longer see the original plant
For all the added frills.
Thus we are no longer able to see
The truth that is the plant.

Strip away the ornamentation
To focus on the plant within
And not be distracted by the bobbles
You see as truth.
They are worthless illusion
That take you away from reality.

Truth IS.
Allow yourself to see it
Without adding to
Or taking anything away.
Only then are you free
To know the I AM.

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