Friday, May 20, 2011

The Power of Heart

According to the Law of Attraction, when you are attempting to attract something into your life it is important to not only think the thoughts but also to feel the feelings as though what you want already exists. The feeling is actually the more important part of the manifestation equation. Why is this? The feelings are more important than the thoughts because feelings are associated with the heart, and our hearts are our places of power.

Look at our thoughts. Typically, thoughts are highly influenced by what the world teaches about it and ourselves. These are the thoughts associated with the mind, also known as the ego, and are not particularly true or reliable. Quite often the thoughts of our minds are downright lies! These are the thoughts that tell us we are worthless and we have to prove ourselves by showing ourselves to be more accomplished than others. In our society, we have been taught to rely on this "rational" information at the expense of the intuitive information we receive.

The intuitive information we receive is from our heart connection. It is the heart that connects us to each other and the Universe around us. Consequently, the knowledge we receive from the heart is much more insightful because it is all-knowing and takes everything into account, even when we don't see all the little details.

The heart is also our place of power. It is from the heart that you can tap into both Universal knowledge and power! This is why your feelings are the more important part of the manifestation equation! When your feelings line up with your thoughts about what you want, you draw on the power of the Universe to direct your desires toward yourself. Your feelings are the thoughts you get from the heart!

Anyone who is truly interested in manifesting his/her desires needs to learn to tap into his/her heart space. Doing so will not only help a person tap into the energy of the Universe, but by going within and learning about yourself you will also be able to identify your purpose within that Universe. People who live in prosperity and abundance have identified their purpose and act on those ideas which connect them to that purpose. This process is often referred to as "living in flow".

The ego/mind does not have the power to manifest because it is a separate entity not connected to Source. True power only comes from our connection to Source. The place to find that connection is in the heart. This is why our feelings make it possible to manifest our desires--they are our heart thoughts. It is the power of  heart that makes all things possible.

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