Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Law of Separation

There is a spiritual law which has sat on the backburner of my mind for years, never fully explained or defined but always bubbling in the background. Lately, it has weighed heavily on me and I feel very prompted to share it. It isn't that people don't know about it. Like me, there are many out there who sense the truth of it without defining it as such. I just feel it incumbent on me to put it into words--to attempt to put it in the forefront of people's minds so they will no longer ignore it but actually live the principle. I call it the Law of Separation.

Simply stated, the Law of Separation says that when one actively works to separate something from itself the end result will always be a problem, whether it be disease, conflict or confusion.This principle works on everything from a microscopic level to a global level and beyond (although it is limited to our world of duality).

Let's look at the example of grains. White flour is made by separating the starch portion of the grain from the bran. While white flour is lighter and often seems to taste better, the reason it is not healthy for you is because the nutrients your body needs to actually digest the starch (aka white flour) is contained in the bran. Consequently, the starch is not digested when you eat white flour and it easily contributes to obesity and all the health problems associated with that condition.

Now let's look at societies/cultures. When one culture sees itself as better or more deserving than other culture, barriers are built between the two. If the separation is allowed or encouraged to continue, conflict results. Fighting occurs over property and resources, justifying even more violence. There is a natural progression here from arguing to aggression to war and even sometimes to genocide.

Granted, these examples are perhaps an oversimplified view of this spiritual law, but the Law of Separation shows up everywhere. This leads us to the question, "If separating something from itself creates problems, how can we fix the problems that are already here?" Again, the answer is simple (although not necessarily easy to do). We need to rebalance the situation by seeking out and dissolving those things which cause separation. It is important to let go of all that which separates. It is by clinging to the separation that we run into problems in the first place.

We have been placed on this planet in order to experience things in a more individual and personalized way. To accomplish this goal, individual elements where separated out in a physical/energetic way. We came to this place of separation, not to remain divided, but to learn about our own individualality and uniqueness and celebrate them. Our perfection lies not in remaining separate but in learning to live as One.

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