Thursday, May 19, 2011

Illusions of the Mind

The world you live in is an illusion. It is not based in truth, nor has it ever been. The world you live in is one that has been formed using the constructs of the mind--imaginary structures based on man's ideas about how the world "should" work. You ask, "What's not real? What's not truth?" The answer: pretty much everything.

Let's look at religion--I will pick on Christianity because it is what I know best. The ideas I speak of here are not limited to just Christianity. (I would even say they would apply to religions such as the great religion of science.) Christianity bases its beliefs on the Holy Bible--its "source of truth". While I do believe there is truth to be found in the Bible (as in all good books), it is hidden by the inaccuracies of various interpretations of it. Even Christians cannot agree on what the Bible instructs its followers. Each denomination has its set of beliefs or "laws" about how the world is supposed to operate, and they are all different. Truth does not change. Truth is what is left over when you have pared away the nonessentials (which happens to be most everything). Truth IS. If Christians truly understood what truth was, there would be no arguing. You can't argue with what IS. The I AM stands on its own.

Science does not understand this principle either. When you do a little research and try to get back to the basic premises that the "truths" of science are based on, what do you find? You find that their scientific "fact" is based on someone's original theory. What is the definition of a theory? A few definitions from are as follows:  A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena; Abstract reasoning; speculation; An assumption based on limited information or knowledge; a conjecture. When you get back to the heart of science, it too is based on an assumption, a conjecture! It may or may not be truth, but that does not stop it from being accepted as truth. This is why great scientists every few hundred years come along and upset the great scientific apple cart, discarding hundreds of years of assumptions with one new thought.

Now let's look at the American medical community. Americans are taught to believe that we have the best healthcare technology available. Billions are spent every year on scans and surgeries and vaccines and medicines that are going to "save" us from what ails us! Often, the treatment ends up worse than the disease! Look at standard "chemo" to treat cancer. Sure it kills the cancer cells, but it also kills your healthy cells--the ones your body uses to protect itself! Is this sensible? No. Yet every year we allow it to be pumped into our bodies in order to "save" ourselves. This practice has become so accepted by Americans that the government now forces children whose parents don't want to poison them with chemo to get the chemo or the parent is deemed unfit and will actually lose custody of their child! There are actual cures for cancer out there that don't kill you too (although in America they are often outlawed!). Look at the actress Suzanne Sommers. She was cured of breast cancer without chemo and without surgery! It happens. The truth is just hidden from us by the powers that be and their thirst for our money!

These institutions and others were all constructed using thoughts which came from the mind of man. These constructs were layered on top of the truth and became so accepted over time that they are now considered to be the truth. We have lost sight of what actually is the truth because we have been taught these lies for so long. We have come to rely so much on our minds and their related thought processes we have lost the ability to access the place of real truth--the place of the heart.

Even Jesus taught that the kingdom of God lies within. It is not outside ourselves. Each one has the ability to go within to his or her own heart, to access the Divine spark within and learn to recognize that Divine spark in others. It is this love--this energy-- that connects us. It is this energy that flows in and through all things! This is the real source of truth, and it is available to each and every one of us when we learn to access it.

Learning to access truth through the heart is the key to overcoming the illusions of the mind. Most people are able to access this truth occasionally without even being aware of it. How will you know? You will be confronted with some internal conflict or turmoil. This is your body's way of telling you something is not right in your world! The conflict comes because what the world has taught you to be truth does not agree with what your heart innately knows to be truth. It is at these times you need to acknowledge the conflict and search your heart for answers. God--truth--will speak to you there. The answers will probably shock you!

We all have the ability to overcome the illusions of the mind. In doing so, we allow truth to exist freely as it was meant to. It is only by allowing what IS to exist that we are truly set free.


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