Friday, January 18, 2013


Something BIG shifted last night! I woke up this morning actually envisioning my bipolar daughter living independently from me, happy and productive! I have not been able to even consider such a possibility for years! It isn't that I thought it couldn't happen. I just had no hope. Today, suddenly, I do!

The oppression I have experienced seems to have vanished overnight. As it dawned on me that I could dream big dreams again, I understood there has been a major shift in energy! Light has finally begun to break through in this seemingly endless night!
The freedom I feel in the revelation honestly brings tears to my eyes! I have waited for this exact moment for so long! While I don't believe everything will just magically transform into perfection in an instant, I do believe it is now possible for the real changes to begin! Time to begin to build the world of our dreams--a world where we receive everything we need and are able to use our gifts and talents to benefit ourselves and the rest of the world! Freedom has finally come to this slave planet!!!

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