Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ho'oponopono: The Power of Responsibility

Four simple steps:

  • I'm sorry.
  • Please forgive me.
  • Thank you.
  • I love you.

Ho'oponopono is a form of prayer which takes responsibility for what happens--even things you don't  rationally believe are in your power to control--in order to transform problems. I first heard about this prayer's power through stories of a Hawaiian doctor named Len Hew, who healed a whole ward of criminally insane patients through the power of this prayer. By using Ho'oponopono in my own life, I have made some very significant personal breakthroughs.

At this time in the world's history, chaos still reigns supreme. Our society--our whole way of life--is based on an intricate series of lies and myths that we have accepted as our reality! Ho'oponopono is one technique we can use to transform our world.

The power of Ho'oponopono lies in taking responsibility for everything that happens. Why does this have power, you ask? By taking responsibility, you let yourself seek out all those places inside where barriers have formed--barriers that keep you trapped in a limited reality. You allow yourself to see and acknowledge your own flaws--your own darkness. When you see and acknowledge your own darkness, it no longer has power over you, and you are transformed.

As we are all connected--all One, it is only through changing ourselves that the world is changed. Ho'oponopono prayer works because you embrace all that is and allow the chains of limitation to be broken!

Great Spirit,
I'm so sorry I have allowed lies and deceit to overcome the beauty of life on our planet! I'm sorry I have allowed truth to be hidden from myself and others! I am sorry I have not been willing to acknowledge my own personal darkness, playing the game of having to be right and light! Please forgive me! I believed that was how I should live my life, but no more! Forgive me for those times I have let myself play the game! Thank you for accepting me as I am, in strength and weakness! Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to learn and grow! I love you so much!

As we transform and heal ourselves, we transform and heal the world. This is the power of taking responsibility. This is the power of Ho'oponopono!

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