Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life On the Fence

We're told that living life on the fence is a bad thing. It's important to think about life and make choices about where you stand on the issues so you can support all that is right, all that is good, all that is true. After all, if you're on the fence you don't stand for much of anything, do you?

We're told that, but I'm not convinced it is true. I've spent time on both sides of the fence at various points in my life, and I can't say I've truly enjoyed either one. Why, you ask? While I admit there is a certain satisfaction in believing you stand in truth, one good solid fact can scatter your truth to the four winds and you are left rebuilding your entire world. Sadly, what we see as "truth" is often just one perspective in a multifaceted world. Believing you have all the answers leads to fights and wars and untruth because you do not have all the information available.

Life on the fence is a bit of a balancing act. Sometimes you feel yourself falling into one side or the other and you have to counteract the force of gravity in order to maintain that balance. Keeping yourself upright is not always easy nor is it always pleasant. Still there is something to be said for living a balanced life. Living at either extreme can easily tear you apart (and it often does). When you choose to align yourself with a side, you are choosing to keep yourself inside the fray.

While I admit I do fall off the fence at times, I am getting faster at recognizing when I do and am able to climb back up much more quickly. I find life on the fence is much more peaceful than it was when I was "right". I can accept people for who they are without judging them, all the while allowing them to have those experiences they have chosen to have. I allow myself the same privilege.

Someday, I'd like to think everyone will live life on the fence. There will be no more fighting. Instead, we can all help our fellow BEings maintain balance and live in harmony with all.

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