Friday, January 11, 2013

Who Owns Your DNA?

For months I've been talking about being slaves to debt and deception. There is a strange new fly in the ointment. Actually, the fly has been there for quite some time. I'm only coming across the details now. I still can't profess to understand it all, but the little I know makes me sick to my stomach. Not only do the powers that were believe they own your property. They believe they own YOU! They even believe they own your very DNA!!!
The human genome project officially kicked off in the 90's (although I'm not convinced it hasn't been secretly around much longer than that). The thing that kills me about all the details is the fact they have talked about the information within the public domain (aka mainstream news media). However, we haven't understood what is going on because, as usual, the message is in code.

You believe what they tell you. They have cloned plants and animals, of course, we are all told that. What they haven't told you is that it goes well beyond that. They have cloned humans. And they have created mythical sorts of beings. You can watch a documentary that was actually shown on Animal Planet this past fall called Mermaids: The Body Found. Of course, there have been all sorts of naysayers (shocking, I know), and the film even tries to relate the idea that if mermaids exist they are a part of natural evolutionary processes. That said, the scientists they interviewed are intriguing.

Then there is Cindy Brewer. She has to be one of the most bizarre whistleblowers I have have ever heard, and yet something resonated in me the first time I heard her speak in an interview with Project Camelot's Kerry Cassidy. (That interview here!) Kerry was very tough and obviously has her own agenda, but she did get the ball rolling.

Several more interviews with Cindy (done by Eva Moore on her Eva-Loution radio show) have brought me to the conclusion there is indeed much more to her claims than what meets the eye. Rather than explain it, it will be easier coming directly from Cindy and Eva.
Cindy and Eva 12/30/12
Cindy and Eva 1/6/13

I have to confess, the details are so vast it can all be overwhelming to think about. I still haven't pieced everything together in my mind yet. Still, my heart will not let it go. You may think all this is way off base, and that's fine. However, if you are at all intrigued you may want to follow your heart and see where this leads you!

If you do choose to listen to the information, articles like this one from the mainstream media take on a whole new meaning. From my light to yours! Namaste!

US Clears DNA Firm's Acquisition By Chinese
Ask yourself why the US Government would need to clear a biotech firm's purchase by the Chinese?

Update: further interviews with Cindy Brewer:
With Andrew Bartzis and Eva Moore on 1/10/13


  1. Tyvm Cindy great need-to-know info! However i think your final link is broken.

    Update: further interviews with Cyndi Brewer:
    With Andrew Bartzis and Eva Moore on 1/10/13

    I looked all over the net and couldn't find a replacement, srry :(

  2. Not sure why it isn't working for you Cody. It pulled up for me. Still, if you want to find it yourself on the net, click on the archives at Wolf Spirit Radio ( look under WSR Special Broadcast 2013. The date in the address 2013-01-10. Then it lists AndrewBartzis, ThomasHughes, Nanooke, CindyBrewer, MichaelMsCraken and EvaMoore. Hope that helps! It is a hugely long interview (5+ hours), but interesting!