Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Power of One

The powers that be (or as I like to call them, the powers that were), are on the run. After destroying our planet and attempting to kill the people on it for their own nefarious purposes, their schemes have all come to naught! Why, you ask? They have failed because they did not understand, nor did they take into consideration, the power of One!

What do I mean by the power of One? It has been called many things: the zero point, the bond, the field, even Source and God. It is the great energy that binds us all together and connects us in ways we do not understand, and it is full of intelligence. This great Source inspires people with dreams and visions of what could be and how they personally could accomplish that goal. The really cool thing about the One is that this intelligence not only connects but coordinates everything! The One is an intricate dance orchestrated between everything that has ever been created. When we listen to the voice of the One calling to us and choose to follow it, we fulfill much greater purposes than any of us understand as individuals!

Ironically, the powers that were (PTW) did try to use the power of One as a model. Those at the very top echelons of power thought they could imitate the pattern by compartmentalizing the jobs of individuals so that each individual understood only the part they played and would not fathom the whole picture. Only the key players understood how it was all supposed to work out. Their downfall? Believing their simple brains could develop these complex plans and keep them together.

I'm not saying the PTW are stupid--far from it. They did the best they could with the information available to them. What they failed to do was tap into the wisdom of the One, which truly knows all and can put even the hidden pieces together. They believed that, as individuals, they could be like the One. They just underestimated the knowledge they would need to hold all their plans together.

Their downfall has been the result of individuals beginning to tap into the One. As more and more people have become attuned with the One, they began to be guided to actions they could take which utilized their personal gifts and talents. The One is the only source in the universe that could possibly understand all the information needed to bring everything together into One harmonious whole!
A new earth awaits us all! This is the power of One!

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