Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Coming Reforms

In my mind's eye, I see a huge shift coming. The unbalanced state of the planet and the massive amount of pain this condition has brought about are beginning to wake people up to the problems and corruption. So much disinformation has been put out by the powers that were it will take a great deal of time to counteract the effects. People will need to understand what the lies have been so they are willing to receive the new information they need to make healthier, more productive choices. I have begun to call this process "the reforms" as I see it as a time when people start to identify the problems and work to change them.
Take our food supply. Even though people have begun to understand the ill effects brought on by processed foods, they have yet to understand how "dead" most of our food truly is. Between GMO's (which are increasingly being linked to disease and infertility) and the lack of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, digestive enzymes and probiotics (healthy bacteria that improve digestion and immune function), Americans receive almost no nutrition in the food they eat. Sometimes even organic food does not have the nutrition we would like it to have, thanks to the former depletion of the soil's nutrients. When you then take into account the government hands out subsidies and writes laws favoring large scale, extremely unhealthy corporate farms (the ones responsible for those huge E.coli and salmonella recalls), you begin to understand how corrupt the system truly is. Then they go on to tell us people have to starve (and justify sterilizing the planet)  because our world just cannot support seven billion+ people. (The powers that were obviously haven't seen videos like this!)

Look at our medical system. Conditions like ADHD, autism, depression, cancers and heart disease have risen dramatically--yet we're still either "looking for the cure" or trying to find what fabulous new drugs will make the disease symptoms subside (often resulting in horrible new side effects which require even more drugs!!!). Here in America, the lifespan of the average American woman has decreased by two years. These facts are right under our noses, yet we continue to insist we have the best medical system in the world! (We definitely have the most expensive medical system in the world!) To me, the healthcare debate that continues to rage only encourages a system that kills us more quickly (which I believe is the goal of the powers that were!!!).

I could stand on my soapbox for hours discussing the world's problems, but the reality is many more knowledgeable people will be bringing their expertise to the forefront in big ways very soon. It is time for us to recognize the problems so we can shift out of the old paradigm into one with much more promising choices. It will not be an easy shift. Many of us have been deceived into building our foundations on shifting sands. Still, I will say this. Better worlds can come when you have to start from scratch. Try not to fear the coming reforms. The choices and freedoms you find will make your wildest dreams come true!

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