Sunday, January 6, 2013

The True Value of Gold

For those of us who rely on alternative news sources from the internet, there has been a great deal of talk about the collapsing of the world's financial institutions and the implementation of a new system based on real value (instead of debt) and abundance. In line with these concepts, many people are obsessed with the idea that everyone on the planet will end up with a big fat check in order to begin their new lives of prosperity. While I do believe everyone will eventually end up in prosperity, I also believe people have no idea of what that really entails because they are basing the new concepts on the old faulty ways of thinking!
In our present world, gold represents value. We hear about currencies being based on a "gold standard". It is a substance you can trade commodities and goods for. It even has some usefulness itself as it is placed in microchips to connect circuits. Still, why is gold considered the standard? We believe gold is the standard because we have been taught it has ultimate value. Let me repeat that: we have been taught gold has ultimate value! I believe this myth has been perpetuated to keep us from understanding what the real value in world is: people.

I know you are saying to yourself, "Of course people are worth much more than gold!" However, the old world concept has been running on this principle in ways we don't understand. It is much more cold and sinister than that.

I'll give you a real world example. Here in America when you are born, your parents register your birth with the state authorities and sign you up for a Social Security number so they can get tax benefits. This information is then sent to the federal government, but probably not the department you would assume. The information goes to the Department of Commerce! (Yes! I said Commerce!) For what reason? This information is sent to a bond company who issues a series of bonds in the name of each live birth. These bonds valued in the millions (maybe even billions) of dollars are held by the various branches of the Federal Reserve Bank (a privately held institution) and used as commodities for commerce/trade! Do you get that? YOU are traded as a commodity! YOU are a slave in the eyes of the government and the powers that be!!! Our currency is based on something of a gold standard, but it is not gold. It is slave labor!!!

Don't believe me? There are things you can research to find the truth. Americans can look at the number on the back of their Social Security cards. The number is preceded by a letter (A-L). These letters represent a branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. The letter on my card is F, which means my bonds are held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. You can also google the words strawman and stock market for more information. Meet Your Strawman is a site out of Great Britian, but the information contained there is in applicable in most nations of the world, and it is easy for the layman to understand.

The world is on the brink of great change. The old financial institutions of the world are breaking down and a new system is coming online--a system based on prosperity and freedom. Whether or not we are directly handed a pot of gold, we can use the changes to begin to follow our dreams and use our talents in much more fulfilling ways. In many ways, the idea of gold is just a distraction. The true value of gold is much more than a heavy metal. The true value of gold is you!

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