Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Artist

In his mind's eye, the artist sees the canvas complete. He assembles his best paints and brushes for the task at hand. The first masterful strokes are broad and sweeping, bringing color and shape to the once empty background. More and more paint, more and more color are brought to the work with powerful, transformational strokes. As the artist continues, he refines his masterpiece with smaller, more precise details.  The vision comes to life, brought about because of the dogged determination of the artist.

Any great masterpiece takes work. At times, this color is not quite right. That brushstroke is a little too broad. All too often, the artist becomes discouraged because his actions do not seamlessly blend into his original intent. At this point, it is important to reevaluate the painting and make adjustments. A little more time, a little more paint will cover up even the worst blemish.

Our lives are often a work in progress. We see the canvas complete, but the little details don't always line up exactly with the ideal. No problem! A little more time--a little more paint--and the masterpiece becomes more in line with the original vision. Perfection is not the work of one day. Rather, perfection is the process we use to refine our canvas.

The importance of the vision lies in the fact that vision is what our life's work is based upon. Whether the image be grey and lifeless or brilliantly colored, the resulting life is of our choosing. The artist is ultimately the creator of his world. Deciding which vision to align with plays in integral part in what shows up. As the artist of your own life, you have the power to create heaven or hell. Choose wisely.

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