Friday, January 18, 2013

The People Who Play God

You can learn a lot of secrets at the patent office. The claims of Cynthia Marie Brewer, who claims to be the unwilling donor of genetic material for the Human Genome Project, have intrigued me from the first time I heard her being interviewed. An article she wrote (you can link to that article here at the American Kabuki website) gives a patent number: 4237224. A simple google search on that patent number has proven quite fascinating!

The very first link provided gives a brief explanation of the patent--rather technical lingo for the layman talking about DNA using words like replication and expression. However, if you look at the overview on the left side of the screen you will find this description: Process for producing biologically functional molecular chimeras. What is a chimera, you ask? In ancient times, chimeras were mythical creatures who were bits and pieces of different creatures that formed one creature. As far as the field of genetics is concerned, a chimera is an organism made up of of two or more genetically distinct tissues or an artificially produced organism that contains tissue from two or more species.  Basically, it is a process of splicing genes to produce new DNA combinations and organisms! Science has revealed some of this information in recent years, as evidenced by pictures like this.
The idea behind chimeras really does sound like something out of either mythology or science fiction, but here is some actual scientific evidence to back the concept up!

The original patent 4237224 was applied for in January of 1979 and granted in 1980. That was over 30 years ago, folks! Think about how far scientists have gotten in the field of computers in that amount of time. Is it that inconceivable to think they have come just as far with DNA manipulation? Also think about this: the most advanced technology pretty much always goes on in secret behind closed doors. How far have they really gone (and what ethical codes may have been broken) within that time frame?

While this patent does not prove Cynthia was used in DNA experiments to produce a viably functional chimera, it does lead credence to the idea that such experimentation was indeed possible. What sort of creatures may have been produced using such techniques? Do we, as humans, have the right to play God?

There do seem to be a special few humans who indeed believe they are the ultimate creators. How far will we let them go in their plans and pretensions? We cannot expect our current leaders to save us, for they have supported this mess! It is time to stand up for ourselves--to no longer be used and manipulated--and make sure we are not destroyed by those who play God.

The following article contains all the current links to recent interviews given by Cynthia Marie Brewer: Who Owns Your DNA?

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