Thursday, December 20, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day of Decision

Tomorrow marks the day when our Sun crosses the Galactic Plane and exactly aligns with the center of the Great Milky Way. As this astronomical event only occurs every 26,000 years, it does denote a day of some significance. The Mayans created a calendar based on it, the discovery of which has put the rest of the world into a tizzy for fear of the great calamity which could befall the world at "the end".

The thing about calendars is, they are all cyclical in nature. A calendar ends, only to pick right back up the next day to enter an entirely brand new calendar! Yes, the Mayans (somehow) knew about our Sun crossing the Galactic Plane and noted the event as "the end" of their amazing calendar.

I don't believe worldwide earthquakes are suddenly going to erupt and rip apart the world as we know it. I don't anticipate giant fiery asteroids crashing to the earth. I don't foresee another Ice Age quickly ripping through the planet or worldwide floods which would necessitate the use of massive ships to save a small contingency of the population.

December 21st, 2012 is a day like any other--notable in some ways because of its astronomical significance but still a day like any other. However, I do believe December 21st, 2012 holds other greater significance. I call it the Day of Decision because it is the first day we can decide how we want to create this bold new planet. Do we want to continue to destroy ourselves and Earth by the same old actions that lead to violence and poverty and disease and early death, or do we want to take new actions which lead to peace and abundance and health and rich life? Like any New Year's Resolution, tomorrow is our day to decide within ourselves what path we desire our world to take! To me, that does pose a day of great choice and the potential for great opportunity!

I invite you to join us tomorrow in meditation, to purposefully focus on embracing the light within and allowing it to connect with the light of every other person, animal, rock, tree, building, etc. on the planet. By connecting to each other and joining in the flow that is all life and intelligence, we can bring awareness into those actions we choose to take. The really cool thing about awareness is, the more people attempt to connect to it, the more people wake up to the possibilities. Freeing your own mind helps free the minds of many others as well! By consciously focusing on this connection--this unifying field--we can bring in a new era of peace and harmony!

I have my alarm set for 6:00am EST tomorrow morning. My goal is to devote at least one hour going within my heart, allowing it to expand outward toward infinity to embrace all things, and beginning to create the world of my dreams in my mind's eye. (In order to meditate at the same time in your part of the world, follow this link to a handy Time Zone Converter.)

I plan to be part of the solution. Won't you join me?

Today's Prayer For Light:
Infinite, Abundant, Divine Source,
We ask this day that you allow each and every one of us to find that information we need to focus the energy of our hearts and minds as a collective so that we may begin to take all the steps necessary to saving ourselves and this beautiful planet. We come now, desiring change, willing to embrace the Divine that resides in all things and allowing it to be reflected back from our own selves. We ARE the change we wish to see in the world. And so it is!

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