Monday, December 17, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day Thirty-Seven Meditation

Oddly enough, my thoughts are all focused on money as I write this. I am not centered on my personal money per se (although my personal money is affected). I am more cognizant of the spiritual aspects of money and how all that is about to change because of the changing spirituality/frequency of the planet.

Money has been a problem for many people for a long time. We need it to survive. We don't have enough of it. Money is hard to come by. The list goes on. However, this is all about to change. As we finally begin to understand the ways money/finances have been manipulated in our world, the bondage we have been placed in because of money is beginning to fall by the wayside.

Banks, the creators and purveyors of money, are being cleaned up. Their manipulations and trickery to gain even more wealth are being exposed at a rapid rate. Evidence of the deceit is being uncovered and prosecutions have begun--low-level thugs first (but this is the way with law enforcement because the smaller fish usually have info to catch the bigger fish). The proverbial poop is hitting the fan. While I can't say I know where everything is going to fall, I do know one thing: the truth sets us free!
Today's Prayer For Light:
Source of abundance,
Allow the truth to be uncovered with such rapidity we will be shocked and amazed by all the new information. We know we are all meant for lives of prosperity and abundance. We align with this new frequency and allow it BEcome the new reality in our lives. The truth indeed sets us free!

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