Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day Twenty-Five Meditation

You are a healer! You may never have acknowledged it before, but you are! Don't think your gifts lend themselves to healing others? Think again!

Are you a carpenter? Find those ways you can bring shelter and protection to those without. An artist? Use color and form to bring beauty to those around you. An organizer? Use your skills to make sure those people and items are in place to bring necessary services to those in need. Have a great smile? Use it to let others know they are loved! The point is, we all have gifts and talents that can be used to benefit the planet. Don't ever think your gifts are unworthy or unneeded or unnecessary! If we are to heal this mess, all our talents are needed to shift the planet into wholeness!

Today's Prayer For Light:
Source of all healing,
We acknowledge the world is broken, but we also acknowledge we all have gifts and talents that can work to fix it. Help us see where our particular gifts fit in so we may contribute to the healing of mankind and the planet. We wish to become healers in the world.

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