Saturday, December 1, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day Twenty-One Meditation

The concept of money is coming to the forefront of my attention today. It isn't that I'm worried about it or need more of it or anything like that. Today is the day for everything we know about money to go flying out the window. It is a concept whose definitions are about to change dramatically because the world is about to change!

Money is about to change because of what it has been for centuries--an instrument of slavery! In reality, money has no value except that which we place on it. Let me repeat that: money has no value in an of itself. It is a totally man-made concept of ascribing value to an object, which is then used to regulate the trade of goods and services. Before the concept of money, if you didn't have what you needed to survive you worked for it yourself or you traded those things you had already worked to acquire for those things you did not have. All hell broke loose when we began to think of money as having value in and of itself because people no longer worked for necessities. They worked to acquire money, which they believed could get them everything they needed. Money was used for evil when people decided there was only a limited supply of it and began to use deceit and corruption in order to gain an advantage. Money is thought to rule the world, and this is where we are today.

The thing is, our old world is breaking down rapidly now. Money is a huge part of that breaking down process. Look at the banking systems of the world. Look at the markets. Look at the debt of governments. We are getting ready for a showdown of epic proportions! Do not be afraid! We have resources we do not understand at present, but they are there nonetheless! We have ourselves and our abilities to do many different things. We have physical resources--food, shelter, clothing, etc. Most importantly, we have each other! When push comes to shove, we are brothers and sisters. The vast majority of us would not let our brothers and sisters suffer so we can have their portion. We would give them some of ours!

This is where the world is evolving to. The concept of money and indebtedness (aka slavery) will no longer be tolerated! The planet is being liberated, and we are being freed! The breaking down of the monetary system is just one more step in the evolution of our planet!

I have always loved this Bette Midler song "From a Distance"! My theme song for today!

Today's Prayer For Light:
Source of all we hold important,
Help us truly understand those things that are important to the big picture--food, clothing, shelter, safety, each other! We know we have everything we need and we trust that we will continue to receive those things as our concepts of money radically change in this time of world growth! Thank you for all the blessings provided to us by Mother Earth and for the great care and compassion you have for each one! We are truly blessed!

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