Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Veil of Forgetfulness Has Grown Thin

As I work through the busy-ness of the past week (ever since December 21st, 2012), I have noticed something really peculiar in my brief moments of quiet time. A great deal of information is becoming much more clear--information that takes a bit more psychic awareness to uncover. It's like the veil has thinned! What really intrigues me is that between work and family I have not had time to meditate on anything. Until the past week, it took me consciously "getting in the zone" or meditating to hear the voice of God/Source. Now, when I try to "get in the zone" it is pretty much instantaneous, and often I don't have to consciously meditate in order to receive much more clear psychic information!

I'll give you an example of what I mean. On Christmas morning, my husband got a text from a woman he used to work for wishing him a Merry Christmas. This same woman I have known (and liked) for years as I was at college with her and later attended church with her. In the past, I have been somewhat jealous of the close bond she shares with my husband even though part of the reason I married my current husband is the fact he is extremely faithful. The woman is also married and has been way too open about her friendship with my husband and much too friendly with me for me to suspect they are actually having an affair. On Christmas morning right after he received the text, instead of getting jealous I had a "knowing". The understanding was that my husband and this woman had been married in a former lifetime! For the first time, such a communication did not make me jealous. I understood the situation from an entirely new perspective--one that made perfect sense--and I was able to let it go!

Things like this have been occurring for me almost nonstop in the week or so since the 21st! I am so intrigued by the possibilities! I am also wondering if anything similar is happening to you? If you have any stories or thoughts, feel free to share them here!

Peace and love, my friends!!!

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