Sunday, December 23, 2012

Of Starseeds and Missions

The energy of the past few days has been interesting, to say the least. Even though December 21st, 2012 did not bring the long awaited apocalypse, I do feel as though there has been a major shift in consciousness.

For me personally, I do feel my thoughts are undergoing big change! They feel much more free! I have been allowing myself to contemplate things I would never have taken the time to contemplate before--things I believed in the past were just too strange and unreal to "waste" the time thinking about.
I'll give an example. On the morning of the 21st, I set my alarm for 6:00am so that I could be up and meditating by 6:11am (which in my part of the world was the approximate time when our sun/solar system was set to cross the galactic plane). That morning, "getting into the zone" was really quick and easy--seconds instead of minutes to reach what I believe to be a theta brainwave state. Once I'm at that point, I usually just allow my mind to relax and try to sense what energy comes up around me. This particular day, my thoughts went to a subject it doesn't normally go to--my star family. Fact of the matter is, my mind doesn't really even believe in a "star family"!

What do I mean by a star family? There is a concept out there that many/most humans actually originate from civilizations light years away. They come here to earth to learn and experience life from a very physical, 3D perspective, and many of them come here with missions to help out on this planet we call Earth. People who come from the same system/star are considered a star family. I personally believe these are the people you end up "connecting" with in this lifetime. I don't enjoy thinking about these things because I have been taught in this lifetime they are not real! This has been a difficult idea for me to get over. Consequently, I have a tendency to avoid the concept.

Friday morning, the concept was coming to me! I kept getting that I was a "starseed" and that my place of origin was Sirius. (Interestingly enough, I got some confirmation on this a short time later while chatting to a very good friend on Facebook.) I was also more enlightened as to what my actual mission is this lifetime is. I am to be a healer, but this has many different angles to it. I am to help educate people about how they can heal themselves through the food they eat and through natural substances designed by the Creator. There will also be some political activism involved as I work to make it legal to cure ourselves through healthy food practices and to clean up the environment in general. There may be some individual counseling/healing involved, and I am also to develop my intuitive gifts to a much higher level to assist in all the above mentioned jobs. The thoughts are not exactly comfortable to my mind, but I guess I will have to get over that.

In some respects, it does seem my mind has been freed. It has been a curious and interesting feeling to say the least--to allow my mind to go places it refused to before. The future definitely contains some new and exciting possibilities! 

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