Friday, December 14, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day Thirty-Four Meditation

Today, my thoughts are focused on consciously bringing heaven to earth by connecting to the heavenly realm. We have lived so long in this earthly consciousness it can be difficult to tune in to something different, but it can be done! By sitting in quiet meditation, going within your heart space and then allowing that heart space to expand into infinity, you can become aware of things beyond this earthly dimension. Focus more specifically on connecting to the God consciousness and your guardian angels to give you more insight into your life and who you truly are!

It is time to forge ahead and become one with those higher ideals and more peaceful ways of living! God and the angels already do this! It is time for us to BE our higher selves as well.

Today's Prayer For Light:
Source of all power and connection,
Help raise our awareness so much that we can more clearly see, hear and feel your presence in our midst. Help us make the unconscious conscious and the invisible visible so that all those around us are also free to experience heaven on earth.

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