Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day Twenty-Four Meditation

The tide is turning. There is still nothing concrete for the vast majority of us to hold on to, but along the way are little hints that something is not quite right. Navy captains being mysteriously removed from their posts. The Disney company losing a court battle because of shady deals made. World leaders not showing up for appearances due to illness. Evidence abounds that our world is no longer functioning as it once was--and that's a good thing! Something's got to give, for We the People are no longer in the mood to take it anymore!

As I focus on the shifting tide, I listen to this music with sounds of the sea in the background. Shifting tides are powerful forces of nature, bringing change to everything they touch. Join the flow!

Today's Prayer For Light:
Source of the Changing Tides,
We come to you as part of the ever-changing flow of life. We know it is time to create something new and more balanced. Help us follow the flow and be the change we need in the world.

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