Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day Three Meditation

Today's journey leads me in a more primal direction--to that deep-seated inner knowledge that functions without reasoning or even language. Some might call it the subconscious. Others might know it as the Holy Spirit or God within. Whatever the name, it is that place where our souls truly connect to the Divine. More often than not, it is our worldly knowledge--our reasoning--that gets in the way of connecting to Universal Source. At our core, we "know" how to connect.

The very unique music I meditated on today connects to that place of subconscious. For me, it brought up images of twirling and dancing, the movements of which seemed to imitate the sacred geometry of the nautilus. There is a sense of inner longing--as if something deep inside longs to connect--as well as a sense that the Universe longs for this same connection. In reality, there is no separation from the Oneness. This music brings us back to understanding who we truly are.

Today's Prayer For Light:
Source of Connection,
We long this day to break down the barriers that would have us believe we are separate from you. Help us go beyond the limitations of our minds that we may connect in ways more powerful than any we have connected to so far in this lifetime. Help us connect to that primal inner child who can express all that we cannot. May we continue on our journey to Oneness and heal all that which separates us from one another.


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