Friday, November 30, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day Twenty Meditation

Even though differences are not blatantly observable, the earth's vibration has been stepping it up a notch. We are definitely in a different place than we were even a month ago. The changes can mostly be felt/sensed, although there are times when I am convinced I can hear a difference in the world's hum or see wobbles in what used to be more clearly defined space. The unseen begins to materialize before our eyes. The irony here is that we still want to question it. It's almost as though I am awakening from a dream, but the dream is becoming the reality.

My goal today is to begin to focus more on the dream state in order to turn the dream into reality. The dream state is the place we go on a daily basis to connect to Oneness. (One caution when listening to the following video. Listening with headphones can put you into the dream state! Make sure you are in a comfortable chair at home and able to dedicate time to this one!)

Today's Prayer For Light:
Source of Oneness,
Allow our vision to become clearer with each passing day! We long to live in a higher realm of existence where we can be more than we are now. We strive to evolve into closer versions of our Higher Selves as we work in harmony with all of existence.

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