Saturday, November 24, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day Fourteen Meditation

Through the craziness that was Black Friday in America yesterday (No, I did not shop it. I worked it.), my reflection time has brought me some amazing insights. With all the changes in earth energies lately, I have been feeling so disconnected and out-of-touch with Source/God. What I realized yesterday (after reflecting with a fellow lightworker) was that the disconnect was totally an invention of my mind and not the reality!

What does that mean, you ask? Let me explain. A good friend asked me to intuit something in her behalf. As I have felt disconnected lately I wasn't sure if I was quite up to the task. However, this friend is very important to me and I knew I needed to try. As I began to meditate, I immediately understood that what I had interpreted to be disconnect was not disconnect at all! The shifting energies have been creating new space--new dimensionality--and I personally am not used to the changes yet! To put it in more visual terms, I have not yet begun to live fully in my new mansion. I am only occupying a few rooms of it!
We are coming to a time in history where we need to expand outward and explore our new surroundings. Change always makes you feel a bit unbalanced! Allow yourself to get used to this new energy so you can begin to enjoy it!

Focus on your own expansion process as you meditate on this music:

Today's Prayer For Light:
Unlimited Source of life and power,
Lead us through the mansions already prepared for us. We have always known there is more. We ask for courage to explore them and expand in them. We wish to help others in this expansion process as well. Allow us to comfortably transition into the space in which we presently find ourselves.

As we continue to recognize our own innate power, we continue to follow the light--and our bliss. A glorious future is waiting to unfold for us, as long as we have the courage to find it!

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