Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Real Value of Gold

I was once again listening to the Keiser Report (Max Keiser on RT News), where Max, in his extremely entertaining way, was discussing how various countries are repatriating their gold in some sort of showdown. The idea is that countries are scrambling for gold now that it looks like the system of fiat currencies (creating money out of thin air instead of backing it with something tangible like gold) is swiftly coming to an end. Sounds like they are all laying claim to gold that is not necessarily theirs (and knowing that the banksters are the crooks they are it is in all likelihood true!) and using every trick and deception they can to make it happen. It's amazing to me all the drama being played out on the world stage right now!

My little mind thinks about things differently. My question surrounding gold is this: what is the real value of gold? Gold is a rare element. It's pretty. It makes beautiful jewelry (even though you usually have to mix it with other metals if you want it to last as jewelry because of its softness). You can trade it as a form of money. These are the physical realities of gold. In and of itself, gold cannot be used as food, as clothing, as shelter, as energy. It can only be used to purchase those items. Basically, gold itself is a form of currency. We value gold because we have been taught to believe we need some sort of currency to live on!

In many prior civilizations, people needed no currency. Mother Earth provided the resources--food, clothing, shelter, etc. They worked together and people learned they could do work they enjoyed--whether it was farming or hunting or organizing work crews to construct building--and trade this work for what they needed.   They did not have a need to own the land. Many of them considered themselves caretakers of the land! Currency is a concept that came much later--a scheme to turn certain people into owners and other people into slaves!

What is my point in all this?  My point is that you can be sitting on the world's biggest pile of gold, but if no one is willing to trade it for the grain they have produced, or the cloth they have manufactured, or the energy you need to run your factory, you are pretty much screwed! Gold's value comes from the belief that it is valuable!

What is the real value of gold? Nothing, unless you believe in the idea we need currency to survive. When we can get over the concept of working to earn money/currency instead of contributing the gifts and talents you personally have to the world, collecting gold will be pointless (unless you want it to make beautiful jewelry). We will truly be free to create the abundant, prosperous lives we were intended to live.

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