Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day Eleven Meditation

This morning my heart is heavy because I cannot shake thoughts of the genocide currently taking place in the occupied territories of Israel. As I ponder the horrible fate of many Palestinians, I am reminded this problem has extended over many continents and many centuries. Bosnia. Rwanda. The Holocaust. Native Americans.

It begins with the thoughts that we are separate from one another and we are somehow better than those who are different from us. Sometimes these same thoughts progress into control and domination. At some point in time, we are all guilty of having these thoughts.

This brings me to one of the most profound healing tools I have come across in this existence: Ho'oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian form of prayer. In a nutshell, ho'oponopono prayer takes responsibility for the destruction/evil by using these four elements: I'm sorry, forgive me, thank you, and I love you.
Talk about a great way to restore flow and Oneness!

Today's Prayer For Light:
Source of all creation,
I know there have been times when I have been so angry at differences between my fellow humans that I held destructive thoughts and committed destructive acts against them. I am so sorry for acting on this misinformation! Please forgive me for allowing such genocidal thoughts contain and control me. Thank you for the opportunity to work past such ideas and acts and grow as a person. Thank you for the ability to grow in Oneness. I love you!

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