Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Forty Days of Light: Day Four Meditation

We live in and understand a world of duality--a place where everything is judged and everything is separate. The thing is, duality is not our natural state. Originally, we come from a place of Oneness, where everything exists and nothing is judged. Oneness is a difficult concept to understand while we are in the midst of separateness.
One word stands out in my mind today: allow. To me, the concept involves acknowledging everything we are--both "good" and "bad"--and allowing it to exist without judgment. It also involves acknowledging everything else in the world--also the "good" and the "bad"--and allowing it to exist without judgment as well. In this state of nonjudgment, we find no resistance. Everything is allowed to float to us and away from us with no restrictions. This is a true state of flow, where everything works together in harmony. In this state there are no longer barriers between us. We are no longer separate.

Listen to this video (preferably with headphones on). It will take you to a place where we are in total harmony with Mother Earth, as the Schumann Resonance is the very frequency of the earth herself. As you become One with Gaia, allow yourself to nurture her and be nurtured by her in a state of allowing.

Today's Prayer For Light:
Source of all Oneness,
Guide us to all those places where we judge. Help us let go of all those thoughts and allow the Divinity in all things to shine through so that we may be in a total state of allowing--a total state of flow. There is great power and freedom that comes to us within this state of allowing. No prison can contain us! We are not separate, and nothing can keep us from Oneness. We come in appreciation of all that IS and allow it to come and go in freedom!

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